BBC Media Action in Tanzania

This film looks at how BBC Media Action in Tanzania is helping strengthen the media through journalism training and radio programmes that foster debate and participation. A new radio show produced by BBC Swahili in collaboration with BBC Media Action aims to bridge the gap between leaders and ordinary Tanzanians, and support local and national media to bring the voices and opinions of people to the fore. BBC Media Action has previously worked in partnership with the Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation to support its transition into a public service broadcaster, particularly in the run-up to national elections in 2010.

Police reform in Nigeria

Nigeria has a police force of over 370,000 officers, but public perception of the police is generally negative: corrupt, brutal, and unprofessional. People in poor communities tend to be more exposed to crime of opportunity and to suffer more from restrictions of movements due to the fear of crime. This film looks at some of the current reform efforts.

Security & justice in northern Nigeria

Up to 1 million people from across west Africa gather for the weekly market at Maigatari in northern Nigeria. This film looks the security challenges and how improvements in policing and justice are helping the market to develop.